Questions? Who do I ask?

We believe that open, respectful, two-way communication builds relationships and enhances student success. The Principal of Medway High School is Greg Howard, ( and our Vice-Principals are Nancy Howe ( and Erin Mutch (

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my child's education?

As a parent or guardian, your child's teacher is always recommended as the first point of contact. If unable to help you directly, he or she will seek to advise you on who to contact for further information.

Who do I contact regarding school and Board programs or policies?

Please contact the principal of the school for information regarding programs and/or policies. The school principal is a wealth of information and is willing to assist parents and guardians with inquiries.

Who do I contact regarding School Cash Online payments?

Please contact Debra LeClair, Admin Secretary if you have questions or difficulties paying for student fees, team fees or field trips.  Debra can be reached by telephone at 519-660-8418 ext. 23002 or by email at

Who do I contact regarding Attendance questions? 

Absences, late arrival and early departures must be entered into the SchoolMessenger app or phoned into 1-844-305-3756.  If you have questions, or difficulties with the system, please contact our Attendance Secretary, Brenda Mathies at 519-660-8418 ext. 23012 or by email at

Who do I contact if I have a question about bussing?

Questions about bussing can be made at Student Transportation at 519-649-1160 or visiting their website at  If your child is enrolled in our Developmental Education program, please speak to his/her classroom teacher regarding your specialized bussing.

Who do I contact about the Parent Portal?

Please contact Patti Davis, Trillium Secretary in Guidance if you are experiencing difficulty signing in to the Parent Portal.  Patti can be reached by phone at 519-660-8418 ext.23007 or by email at  The parent portal uses the email address we have on file for you.  

Who do I contact if I have  Guidance questions? 

Please contact Wen Huang, Guidance Secretary at 519-660-8418 ext. 23003 or by email at if you have questions about courses (adding or dropping ), volunteer hours and opportunities, or Summer School/eLearning.

Contact Us  (519) 660-8418