Student Council

Student Council 2019-2020

Grade 12 Co-Presidents: Madeline Charlebois-Noftle and Homin Shin
Grade 12 Treasurer: Ayesha Iqbal
Grade 12 Secretary: Amber Penner
Grade 12 Public Relations: Tracy Dam

Grade 11 Co-Presidents: Evan Holmes and Luciana Lopez
Grade 11 Treasurer: James Kuebler
Grade 11 Secretary: Isabel Wilson
Grade 11 Public Relations:Hoshua Shon

Grade 10 Representatives: Junsoo Pak and Rachel Byrne


Welcome Cowboys!

Medway student council is so excited for another great year! We are ready to make 2019/2020 everyone’s best school year yet with lots of great activities and events.

Welcome to the grade nines, and our new ESL (English Second Language) students! We are thrilled that you have chosen Medway as your school, and we know that you will enjoy your time here!

Medway has something for everyone. We have over twenty clubs here that work to create an inclusive school environment for everyone as well as many sports teams. We highly recommend joining lots of clubs and teams and actively participate in all school spirit activities.

For many of you, high school may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. We believe, that as your student council, it is our job to make Medway a place that you are happy and comfortable in. Please do not hesitate to contact a student council member if you have any suggestions or concerns. We are here to help!

Let’s make 2019/2020 great, together.

Your Co-Presidents, Homin Shin & Madi Noftle


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