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All staff and students at TVDSB have a school-based Google account. These gotvdsb.on accounts come with a built in personal calendar.  You can keep up to date with all of the latest Medway events and reminders by clicking this "Add to Google Calendar" and agreeing to integrate these calendars with your personal calendar. Note: Linking to a teacher's Google Classroom calendar is also a great way to keep up with course work - ask teachers for details.  


Bullet Journaling is a personalized organization system to collect thoughts, goals, ideas, and plans for the future. Journal entries record your life and help you stay productive and keep on track. Bullet Journals also provide a sense of control by outlining the steps to reach your goals - and celebrating accomplishments along the way.  You can use a traditional paper-based system or journal on your smartphone (or any internet device) - with customizable templates.

Simply put, a bullet journal can be a fun way to be creative and simplify planning, improve focus, and add personality to your task and goal setting routine. 

Getting Started with Bullet Journaling: Try clicking on the tabs in the sample bullet journal below.  This is the Medway Bullet Journal template that anyone can download and customize for themselves using Google Slides.  The tabs are for quick access.  Tabs along the right border jump to key sections of your journal.  Calendar tabs in the bottom border give you rapid at-a-glance of a month or Quadmester at a time.

With so many ways to approach Bullet Journaling, it's easy to get overwhelmed. The Medway Bullet Journal makes it easier by providing intuitive templates on a common platform that you can modify. An online planner, habit tracker, project manager, notebook, and to-do list are merged into a single easy-to-use package. Basic information about the school year is included to save you setup time and give you more time for creativity.  Master calendars and notifications run in the background and automatically update during the school year. Things like changing daily schedules or the dates for holiday breaks are updated for you automatically.

The Google Slides platform provides a wide range of options to make your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded videos, images, animations, and more. 

Digital Journaling

Bullet Journaling is traditionally an “offline” - pen and paper activity. The Medway Bullet Journal brings you interactive options. These pre-populated templates and layouts do much of the setup for you.  You can customize the Journal to fit your needs and your style.  

  1. Users are welcome to edit and then use the interactive Google Slides in presentation mode.

  2. Users are also welcome to print paper copies of these templates and layouts and get creative with pens and pencils.   


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