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    Welcome to our Grade 9 Cowboys, 

    We would like to welcome all of our Grade 9s to Medway this year. You are now part of the great Cowboy community. Click on the link below and enjoy your welcome video. How many teachers do you recognize?



    Celebrating the Class of 2020,

    Celebrating your accomplishments as the graduating class of 2020 is extremely important to our staff and school community. Unfortunately, due to current local health restrictions, we are still unable to celebrate this occasion in person. We are excited to share that we will be hosting a Virtual Commencement for all grads on November 13th.   

    All students will have the opportunity to pick up their diploma and other relevant graduation materials in a contact free pick-up format. This will also occur in November with the exact date to be determined soon. All graduates who placed an order for a red graduation cap and gown online will be refunded $30.00 to the method of payment used at that time. If you have issues with your refund please contact the school. 

    We will continue to provide updates on our Commencement activities via email and on the Medway website. Any questions or concerns can be directed to your guidance counsellor.  

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding; we look forward to celebrating with all of you soon! 






    COVID Screening Tool

    COVID-19 screening tool for school children

    The Ministry of Health has updated its screening tool for children. The screening tool now has two sets of questions about symptoms that may yield different next steps depending on which symptoms are selected:

    • The first set of questions asks about symptoms such as fever or persistent cough. Students and children with any of these symptoms will still be advised to stay home until they are able to consult with a medical provider and receive an alternative diagnosis or a negative COVID-19 test. 
    • The second set of questions asks about other symptoms that are commonly associated with other illnesses, such as a runny nose or headache: 
      • Students and children with only one of these symptoms will be advised to stay home for 24 hours, after which they can return to school if their symptoms are improving. 
      • Students and children with two or more of these symptoms will be advised to stay home until they are able to consult with a medical provider and receive an alternative diagnosis or a negative COVID-19 test.


    In addition, the symptom list no longer includes abdominal pain or conjunctivitis (pink eye).


    The new screening tool can found at the COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children in School and Child Care.

    Please note that these changes apply to students and children only. Staff and essential visitors are to continue to use the existing screening criteria and/or make use of the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool.


    If you have any questions, please contact your local public health unit.


    Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and your support for keeping our students and staff safe by continuing this daily screening of your child.


    Thames Valley District School Board


    Student Insurance Plan

    Tractor Day


    This year Tractor Day will be a virtual event shared on October 27th and 30th. Students are invited to create and submit videos celebrating Tractor Day. Students can submit their tiktok videos to: